Alternative to ThinkorSwim OnDemand for stocks

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    Anyone know an alternative to ThinkorSwim's OnDemand for stocks? Their OnDemand is currently down and is down so often I'm looking for a free/paid alternative (reasonably priced for retail traders and not institutions).

    The most common recs seem to be: Tradingsim, Ensignsoftware, Sierrachart, Ninjatrader, Tradovate.

    I trade heavily based on the tape (Level 2, Limit Order Books, Time and Sales), so I want to see these change on a tick by tick basis (literally each transaction / quote refresh), although lacking the Limit Order Book is fine. The above recs don't have Level 2 and Time and Sales for stocks, and I don't care about chart replays. I would like data for any stock for any time in the last year.

    The closest I can get to is Ninjatrader Market Replay, for which a thread suggested I have to record stock data and then replay using that recorded data. I obviously cannot go back in time and record data so that's no good. The thread also recommended some websites for stock replay data but neither of them have the right data.

    Nasdaq Market Replay Pro / Plus looks like it has potential, but I've yet to hear from them and their demo doesn't work (the one date they let you use to test the demo isn't selectable). Anyone use this?

    Really appreciate your opinions and thanks...
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