alternative to iron condor??

Discussion in 'Options' started by daveyc, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. daveyc


    hello, just wanted to get some opinions to this sort of trade as an alternative to a standard iron condor. thanks


    hopefully the pictures shows

    anyways, here is the trade on SPX for MAY (mid 9.05 credit)

    +4 1225
    -13 1200
    +9 1175

    -5 1400
    +7 1425
  2. jkgraham


    Thanks to brownsfan019 I learned how to post pictures:

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  3. daveyc


  4. jkgraham


    For some reason I'm getting a loss of -900 in the middle. I must have different prices for some of the options.
    All of these would have to entered as single orders so getting completely filled may be an issue.
  5. daveyc


    oh well, the prices are fluctuating as i look at them also, jkgraham. and i didn't set the 'prob date' to may.

    but in general, this appears to be a bit safer than a standard iron condor set up with just looking at the trade as a whole. there is the benefit of having a couple of extra long calls and a put debit spread that could be sold at some point.