Alternative to IE?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Babak, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. Babak


    Looking for an alternative browser to IE (explorer). If anyone has any great ideas out there I would love to hear them.

    I already know about Mozilla and Opera. The first, is ok but I can´t see a speed difference with IE and the second is not free (so its out). Any great open source browsers out there?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Another thumb up for MyIE2. If you want to stick with some fast, stable platform and still wanna add tons of features then try this out. Some of the features like tabbed browsing, mouse gesture, group favourites and adhunters are way too cool for me to go back to IE. In my one year's of usage, MyIE2 has hardly crashed about couple of times whereas IE used to crash several times in a week.

    Try it out. You'll never look back to IE.
  3. This sums up my experience also. After using MyIE2 every other browser seems like DOS version.
  4. If it's speed your looking for try avant.
    It claims to be the "fastest browser". It also has tabs and many other features, etc. I use it and the only downside I see is that it has crashed on me a couple of times...
  5. Sittas


    I use Mozilla. Tabbed browsing etc. and a great spam filter for email.
  6. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I too also admire MyIE2.

    Not sure why you want a different browser, but keep in mind that MyIE2 runs on the IE engine, so you're still using IE underneath.
  7. chipware


    Mozilla is a little slow, and Opera is a little buggy.

    I've been using Mozilla FireFox for the last week and I really like it. It's tabbed, fast as hell, and seems to render websites just as well as IE.
  8. Babak



    thanks. I´ll give FireFox (they keep changing the names!!!) a try. But I´m wary of betas as I´m not really a techie. Are you having any problems/issues with it?

    I´ll give the others a try too but as for the myIE2, thats a sort of Frankenstein program from what I can understand. It is a build on the existing IE (which is pure crap) so it doesn´t interest me at all.
  9. chipware


    Its been more stable than Opera for me. I hardly use IE anymore, although I must admit I think I'm gonna give myIE2 a try.
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