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  1. Hi. I need to diversify my funds away from one broker. I just dont want all my trading funds in one account, even though I am a loyal and very happy IB customer.

    Ive searched the threads and reviews, and cant find a good alternative:
    Seems like Schwab is not good anymore.
    Scottrade seems to give poor fills.
    Realtick is very expensive unless huge account.
    Tradestation seems to have issues.

    What do other IB users use, as a diversification account?
  2. MBTrading - it's not perfect, but for diversification it works for me. They have similar commission structures which was important to me.
  3. DROSKILL Can you scalp with MB
  4. I don't know I'm afraid!
  5. Thanks. Is MB reliable re: fills?
  6. The fills are pretty good - I've gotten some better fills than IB and some worse. What are you trading?
  7. Thanks. Stocks and options.

    From my research, ThinkorSwim and MB are the best alternatives for serious traders. MB is a bit cheaper.
  8. looking at lightspeed
  9. For options, there's really no competition between the two - ToS wins with their incredible option tools. So if you need tools, ToS is the winner. MB provides no tools, but offers more flexible pricing for commissions. I trade pretty frequently, so MB is better for me. Also, I used Amibroker for my charting - which means I don't need their tools.

    Hope this helps!
  10. I totally agree. If I get to the point where I feel I need to diversify brokers, I'll go with TOS. I mainly trade options and IB works for me. That said, TOS basically has it all over IB for option risk graphing and IV screening.
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