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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alanack, Nov 2, 2006.

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    My year's subscription to DTNIQ is about to expire, just wondering what equally inexpensive alternatives might be out there for basic real time charting. Thanks.
  2. What is the alternative for you? Is the price the only criteria? What instruments do you trade?
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    Just nasdaq and New York stocks. I don't need anything sophisticated, just basic charting will do. Thanks.
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    I'm not clear about how this works. They do not provide a platform, just the data?
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    Here's some great options to explore.

    eSignal: $59 - $185 / month
    QCharts: $95 - $120 / month
    MarketCenter Live: $15 - $39 / month
    LiveCharts: $10 - $20 / month

    Each have their own unique feature list, and are excellent products for their pricepoints.
  8. Yup, these are eSigs prices but if you want 100 extra symbols or 200 extra symbols you gotta pay up and pay lots $$$...

    with DTN they give you 1300 symbols with their basic package and an extra 500 symbols for only 40 dollars extra a month and that CAN EVEN BE ON A SEPARATE IP ADDRESS... esignal does not even come close to that...

    ALSO ... it is important to ADD that eSignal does NOT have an RTD product that replaces the old DDE feeds and that their Advanced Charting application is NOT mulit threaded and FREEZES UP on buy and sell BURSTS... so it looks good on da surface but nota so gud if you are looking for momentum trading or quick moves...



    HAVE STOP <img src=> WILL TRADE
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    Left messages but they don't seem to call back or respond.

  10. Yeah they arent really on top of that part of the game I give up even trying
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