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  1. NTB


    Does anyone know of a good alternative to the old version of I don't have a 'paid' quote service as I'm not trading actively (I'm a hedge fund investor).

    I hate the new version. I'm looking to see the movements of the major markets in semi-real time, currencies, pre-market movements in metals, futures, etc., major commodities, etc.

    Any suggestions on a similar site that has a lot of data on it's home page?

    Please advise and thanks!
  2. TGregg


    Most everybody does. Fortunately, you can still use the old version:
  3. NTB


    I don't think that you can anymore. Click the link.
  4. cstfx


    Yes, the old "old" version of Bloomberg is gone. You can still get a version with somewhat of a black backdrop, but it is still the new Bloomberg.
  5. Click 'Go to the old version of' at the lower left corner... As to pre-open futures, is convenient.
  6. cstfx


    Go ahead, click on the link. It's not what you think or are used to.
  7. Here are the choices: -- if OP doesn't like either, he can call Mike Bloomberg...
  8. Illum


    Never knew that link was there. Thx a bunch

  9. or or
  10. TGregg


    Works for me. Maybe because the very first day they switched to that ugly orange thing I figured out how to Noir it.

    Or perhaps because I'm using Firefox.
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