Alternative splicing: why opening is more important than close

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  1. You have seen in previous article than the 1st minute bar can help
    you reduce DOF ( not only it can help but it is
    crucial to wait for this 1st min bar close notably in the case of
    forcing. For forcing see the guide or homepage

    "When a target is passed without consolidation it is said to be
    forced and consolidation generally follows to retest that forcing

    Forcing is THE KEY to understand HIGH VOLATILITY and profit from it.
    You can see some illustrations on statistics page these last days by
    clicking on the date column when these cases are indicated
    Nevertheless as BEGINNER you shouldn't trade these cases as long as
    you don't understand them fully as it implies countertrend,
    consolidation and backwardation in time that is to say more knowledge
    of market's cycle whereas the basic case in green/red only follows
    the one single rule. Once you master them you will love these high
    volatile days that most traders can't predict accurately but try to
    understand the simple cases before or you will get confused.

    To help you understand the importance of opening and of the model in
    general we will use a metaphore. Why use metaphores ? In an e-book
    called "How to become a supergenius on three wishes" the author says
    that the way to do so is to get acquainted with a new material with
    something that is already familiar. Genetic is more familiar to you
    than model's market since you must have learned it at school. And here
    we're going to make an analogy with genetic mechanism which are

    Information packing, transcription and alternative splicing:

    A biological cell is composed of proteins which are themselves
    composed of amino-acids. Let's pretend that these proteins are the
    analogs of the swings in market and amino-acids the analogs of waves
    which subdivide a swing.
    The cell doesn't contain the proteins at its birth but fabrics them.
    For that it uses an information which is coded not
    in the same form than proteins but in the form of DNA which is a
    double string of paired bases of nucleotides.
    By analogy, in our model, market somehow coded its information in a
    double-string which is our base and projection lines
    where each segment are the analogs of amino-acids composing the DNA,
    and where each point are also paired like in DNA bases
    - we call them "Duals" in our model. Moreover, for organisation
    purpose, the DNA is not a floating chain,
    it is folded by packing it into some proteins structures called
    histones. In the same manner our model shows that
    market waves are also condensed into a compact form that needs to be
    unfolded to be used. This stage is called
    transcription. This is done through the rules for interpreting our
    model. This transcription is not unique: depending
    on where the DNA is read this can give birth to different proteins
    sequences: this is called alternative splicing. By analogy depending on where
    the market
    opens different market waves can be generated with the same static
    structure revealed by the model.

  2. Illustration of how the 1st day of the month of November packed information for half of the month:

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  3. Do you see the Feynman LT at 9941.8 theorically - on the second green chart (LT=Local Top relative to a scale, Feynman effect = truncation of Max Potential by a parallel branch as explained in paragraph "complements" here : we've just done it with the High today at 9942.01 within 2 points.

    See previous examples of this strange Feynman-like effect on homepage or directly here:

  4. We made the 9998 theorical pic - the thrust to 10003 was expected since today's projected 10002 :
    <IMG SRC=>

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  6. We have finally finished the development of our own chart system - after one year although we have differed it due to cost of programming - : was fed up with those "sophisticated" software package that don't even allow to draw and annotate trendlines automatically and easily. It will be totally interactive with statistics and decision aid directly on the chart (at the moment they are not yet available because we are in beta test): look and feel here (for the 12th session, next and past sessions coming soon):

    If you move the mouse over the bar you can see the quotes. We intend to make people do their own annotation on the chart.
  7. We are still following this chart in fact but above ten times unit scale. We are not at the top yet I will post the chart to members this we (or even before).

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