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  1. So I'm thinking of setting up to broadcast what I do via You Tube or twitter, and wondering if it is just a plain old stupid idea? I want to add income and make more money. No lies, I want more cash flow in addition to trading money. I don't want to deal with subscription crap, I 'd rather make it via ad revenue. I would think I'd need to be making valid trades for people to sit and watch and click on ads, or watch ads, as opposed to the vendor scam of suck'em in and make a couple months fees and who cares if they leave because the next sucker is on the way. I think I'd also offer commentary on markets, maybe swing trades, and possibly personal opinions to provide entertainment, and draw in more people.
    I see stories of people who make cash blogging or You Tubing about their lives, or whatever and it kills me, but mainly because I didn't think of it.
    Am I nuts? Cash is king and if I can do it without disruption to my trading why not?
  2. Why would it be nuts? Give it a shot. Web businesses are great if you can get something to work.
  3. It can actually be even useful to own trading as long as your intentions are good.
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    Many professional athletes already making millions per year also have 1 - 3 businesses on the side that has nothing to do with their sport. However, I think they're doing such as more like insurance just in case their professional careers gets cut short due to an career ending injury.

    Regardless, your only problem will be getting the word out (that PR stuff) considering thousands are already doing what you suggested with or without the ad revenue. Also, I'm seeing more and more of them posting broker statements, recorded videos of real trades (you can see trades executed in the broker platform) et cetera for trade verification.

    Yet, be warned, I noticed via web stats that the most popular ones are the ones that don't post any kind of verification info. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but viewers of blogs and such want to be entertained instead of someone showing proof as a slap in the face the viewer can't compete via the fact that most traders aren't profitable. Thus, blogs/youtube/twitter or whatever viewers are less threaten by traders without verification. Yep, traders are a strange bunch in the blog world.

  5. do you have links to any of these videos? I find it difficult to believe "1000"s of profitable traders are posting videos all day for what amounts to coffee money.

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    Please re-read my prior message very carefully. I didn't say 1000's of them are posting videos nor did I say 1000's of them are profitable traders.

    I specifically stated thousands are already doing what Tango has stated some of the things he plans on doing. I then followup with a statement that some of them via the "more and more of them" phrase are posting verification information via either broker statements, videos or whatever. I also specifically stated they're doing such for "trade verification".

    As for links, use google to do your own research because I have no intention of giving any of them free advertisement. By the way, they aren't the most popular ones that show up on the high rank list and some of them have already seen their links posted here at

    Also, as for your coffee money reference, I do not know how much money those ads (the ones that has ad revenue setup) are making for them per day, week, month or year. Thus, I'm willing to guess some are doing such for none financial reasons although others are obviously doing such for financial reasons with the hopes of making a lot more than coffee money which is why I specifically stated some have ads and others do not.

    P.S. I did not say 1000's of them have had their links posted here at to prevent going down that misinterpretation street again :D

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    Check out this recent story I just found on Google about some of the revenue being made by the most popular Youtube stars although none on the list are traders.

    Looks like your going to need to "entertain" your viewers to make some decent cash considering comedy and parodies seem to be the ticket to a 6 figure income.

    Trading + Comedy = New Niche :D

    Thus, kinduv reminds me the infamous video of a trader blowing up his account (recorded live) via an overnight trade was a big hit a few years back...

    Everybody thought it was funny although folks shouldn't have thought such.

  8. Tango,

    I own some sites. This month is the best month so far. Currently around $600. One of the misconception is that you would have a lot of traffic or that a given amount of traffic leads to higher amount of money. To give you an idea, to get the $600, the sites needed 170K visitors. I was surprised this month. If you plot monthly income over time, it looks like a bullish stock with 12 MA rising .

    There are a number of ways to make money. My sense is that you seem to be new. You would need to learn it. It takes time, and effort.

    I was thinking to start something for traders who want to make money on internet. My model has been ads based, but the payment models are better in my view from the earning point of view. The ads-based model is also not appropriate for all areas. For instance, teaching traders how to make money on the internet does not lend itself well to the ads-based model, because one could use the same time/effort and make more in other areas.
  9. Something to add: I have a site about trading that is well regarded by google. It is ads based. I do not post regularly. When I post, they send me around 500 visitors.

    If you have article about trading (original articles/videos), I can post them on my site. If any of you is interested, let me know. I can pay 50% of the revenue.
  10. You basically have to be an ass-clown on youtube to make money. Those top 10 money makers on youtube are all ass clowns.
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