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    Hello everyone. New poster but been lurking for some time.
    I would appreciate anyones' input regarding my question: I currently have a day job and can only trade from approx. 5:30AM to 7:45AM CST (I live in Missouri) and again from 8:30PM to say 11:00PM

    I have been trading the ES , one contract in demo mode and doing quite well (I traded options for 6 years before moving over to futures about 7 months ago).

    During these hours the ES can be very sluggish and I was wondering if someone could recommend an alternative futures market (s) with a little more action and liquidity.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. ?....In the early morning, you could look at currencies, energies, metals and German stocks & bonds. In the evening, currencies, energies, metals, grains, S&P and the 10-year note.
  3. try the eurostoxx ESTX. it is like a less choppy, less fakey version of the ES. but it doesnt move as fast and far when it breaks out.
  4. I like the Aussie ASX futures at night, quite volatile at times and likes to trend.

    Symbol in IB is SPI

    No mini contract though so be careful.