Alternative Energy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TheCaymanIsland, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. anyone getting in this industry via an ETF or Mutual Fund?
  2. I WAS-

    Been accumulating GEX (Global Alt/E ETF)
    but sold my position on friday before the close.
    Lots of new information coming out NOT supporting global warming that IMO (and instincts) look to be very true.
    It is very said if this is the case but as each day passes the more the writing is on the wall and the more I am guiding myself away from the US of A.
    Some major major crap in the works and it does not smell good AT ALL.
    Crooks everywhere in our government and their lies are being exposed on a mass scale if you open your eyes.

    Good luck & be careful out there
  3. I was looking at GEX and GAAEX.