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    Anyone got any favorites? Or strong feelings on the sector as a whole, one way or another?

    It seems to me that, taken as a sector, it can only go up from here. I don't anticipate oil and gas getting significantly cheaper in the long run.. What do you think?
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    I like this sector, primarily due to all press / hype. It seems to be "hot" at this time, and will likely continue. Just last week I purchased the QCLN which is a new ETF that trades this sector. I gotta say - Most of the individual companies are crap. Any one of them could go belly up, but at the same time any one of them could strike it big (that's why I prefer to hold the whole basket).
  3. There has been a significant break out in all these solar power names I've pretty much been left on the sidelines holding my di*k. Not happy about it. Even the dogs of the sector have doubled. It seems right now everyone's answer is solar because it can be incorporated into buildings.

    I would like to concentrate this week on UQM & ALTI.
    Phoenix Motorcars' CEO Discusses Alternative Fuel With President Bush
    - Market Wire
    ONTARIO, CA, Feb 23, 2007 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Daniel J. Elliott, CEO of Phoenix Motorcars, met with President George W. Bush this past Friday to discuss the future of alternative fuel and its impact on improving environmental and energy performance. The one-hour meeting included a small group of alternative fuel entrepreneurs and scientists.

    Elliott was among a select group of alternative fuel specialists who had a one-on-one meeting with the President to discuss Phoenix Motorcars' role in the electric vehicle industry. Following the meeting, President Bush had the opportunity to get an up-close look at Phoenix's sport utility truck and four other alternative fuel vehicles to evaluate overall performance.

    Let's hope the big dog buys or is GIVEN one by the company! That would sure help the publicity. Imagine a Camp David electric SUV with that big Presidential seal on it....

    Next week is our week Topdown. You have been too quiet on ALTI I don't like it. Here's the thing. Big conference on The 26th to 28th. Booth 313 will have the UQM SUT. Ready for test drives by analysts and mutual fund managers!

    Now the big question is. Friday ALTI traded 1.78 million shares and moved 10 cents. UQM trades much fewer shares 203,000 that has me worried yet I see the return perhaps better with UQM since they will be getting all the publicity from this conference.

    The basic plan is 500 SUT's delivered this year and after expansion ( how to pay for that) 6,000 next year! The key will be the SUV which will be rolled out late 07' and the consumer launch will be in 08. Timing is a little tricky here but at some point UQM becomes an $11 stock and Alti a $6 stock....

    Don't you think?
  4. My choice for this sector has been ESLR.

  5. Big breakout on ESLR. Watched it the whole way doubting.
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    Stoney - I am still holding ALTI (finally back in black) and recently picked up a little UQM also. UQM is the more obscure choice and certainly has the better chart, but I like the "sexiness factor" of ALTI. In this sector, it seems that sexiness is what can make the stocks really pop. If you watch any of the news clips, the ALTI battery is usually highlighted, but rarely do you hear mention of the motor. But, like you said in a previous post, they both hold an interest in Phoenix, and man what would happen if that thing goes IPO!

    How cool is this pic:
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    But - Even with the above said, these individual picks are highly speculative. A much safer bet is to own the QCLN.
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    Nice little 4% run-up for both ALTI and UQM today. You may be right Stoney - This could be our week.
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