Alternative Energy (ESLR, CSIQ)

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    I found this site which is a pretty good watchlist of alternative energy stocks. As you guys may know they've been seeing a lot of volume/action in the past couple months. My question is, which of these are due for another big move soon, if any?

    I have my eye on ESLR (its been sitting on top of its 5 day EMA for a while now, and looks like its going to make another run for $19-$20) and CSIQ (same set-up as ESLR, except its gunning for $30)

    Any additional insights into the general situation with alternative energy stocks right now would be awesome, and I hope the above link is useful to everyone.
  2. You could trade the "ECO" fund instead of individual stocks.
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    I'm buying ESLR tomorrow. It actually could benefit from a slowdown or recession because there will be less demand from other companies that need polysilicon. Look what happened to INTC today.
  4. Not impressed by ESLR at all. Their technology has not been proven to bring ESLR profit margin. Buy TSL instead. Such a ridiculously low forward P/E. The ML downgrade was a total joke. They claim silicon is the wrong ingredient to be used in solar panels and tellurium is the right ingredient?

    Buy some tellurium for investment. Search for tellurium + FSLR to learn why. Also get invested in palladium!