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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tderrick, Apr 7, 2010.

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    I'm spending more and more time out at my lake house these days. That's the good news..
    The bad news is, I can't trade out there!!

    Has anyone had any experience with alternate methods of data link? Say, a Hughs Net or Sky Blue satellite link. I think the wireless route is not feasible...

    any ideas?


  2. gov


    I can help here a bit; I have traded a long time and have properties in bad areas (bad = no internet).

    Best solution: go to the nearest place that has fast DSL, and rent a small office. This always works, and is what I do now exclusively.

    Next best: Sometimes there is a dedicated wireless carrier that does the last mile kinda thing....up here they use a system of motorola radios and towers to relay the signal. Typical ping times sub 100ms if you are situated on the backhaul.

    Next next best: Use a wilson SOHO amplifier to catch the nearest cell tower; trade from verizon wireless or whatever. Ping times can be somewhat ok (sub 200ms) but sometimes jitter is quite high, definitely sub-optimal. No fed days, no fast markets, trade when things are a bit calmer. Scalping off the open is not really even good. I should point out that there are inherent latencies in this path.

    Sattelite: do not even bother. The people are asses, their technology is absolute shit for running a real time app, and they ream you for said shit. You have been warned, and you will be sorry.

    Good luck, hope this helps.
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    Thanks so much for the help, guys!! :)

    I think I 'm pointed in the right direction now...
  4. use remote desktop sessions. Leave your computers at home/office and set up a small trading workstation at the lake house.

    Get a DSL or satelite or even a Sprint 4G card (good to have as home backup as well) and use it to remote into your home computers with fast internet and stability.
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    Great idea, also....

    thanks... Some type of wireless is the key.
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    What sort of latency and packet loss do you get on a Sprint 4G connection - best and worst case scenarios?

  7. I've never used Sprint's 4G, only ATT 3G. Its not bad - depends on your service signal, etc. Its not great on trains or in cars when jumping from tower to tower but stationary its great to get into a remote desktop session at a box with decent internet.

    I would never want to trade off a wireless card alone.
  8. My experience with wireless broadband is as follows:

    For over 10 years Sprint has been great.

    For the past few years AT&T sucks bigtime.

    I never tried AT&T prior to a few years ago but it does suck. I know many people who have tried it and we fought it and fought it and it sucks bigtime. Hours and hours with their tech people and finally we get a trickle and five minutes after ending the phoen call it's out again. Everyone I know who tried AT&T wireless broadband has cancelled the service. It is garbage.

    Sprint is the number one performing wireless broadband and is a very worthy backup. I know many who swear by it. Myself included.

    I would never use any wireless for primary data connectivity if at all possible.

    I have no interest in any of these companies.
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    Would high jitter in this context be a consequence of high packet loss, gov?

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