Altavest Brokers - Comments Please!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tBK, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. tBK


    I am very keen to hear constructive comments (or more) regarding Altavest ( Brokers...

    I was very happy to have found IB with such low commisions - but *sigh* i realised they trade electronic markets only :mad:

    Altavest seems to allow all futures markets - well the ones i wish to trade (cocoa, sugar, lumber, crude oil... blah blah blah etc) with slightly higher commisions than IB (something like $12 per round turn, i beleve)

    Over at altavest they use an online trading platform called LEO4 (widely used it seems), any comments about this would be greatly appreciated... I'm not a day trader - so speed of entry isnt really a major concern to me.

    Hrrmmmm... so is there any reason why i should steer clear of this brokerage or welcome it into my loving arms ??? :D

    Kind Regards

  2. Listen Mr. Schill:

    I know you think you are unique and a genius....but you are about the 500th person who has "SUDDENLY REGISTERED" AND THEIR VERY FIST POST IS ....HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THIS FIRM........

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  3. tBK



    TM_Direct: Im looking for an Online broker that is 'like' IB, but allows traders most, if not all markets at commisions close as possible to IB.

    Really, i dont care if its altavest, or some other brokerage - I just saw Altavest and noticed that it supported most requirements i had - i was merely seeking user's satisfaction.

    If it helps your paranoid mind - then i would ask yourself and others of a brokerage simillar to IB (but allows trades with non-electronic contracts)

    Could it be so hard to believe that i seek your knowledge in this area? :eek:

    Kind Regards,