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    I would like to add the results of my live trades here. There are good days and bad days in trading. This journal helps me to remember those days and share my feelings with you.

    Here are the two trades that got closed today. I show the results in pips but actually I use a position sizing system so pip value is not that much important.

    GBPUSD - buy
    Open Time (GMT+2): 2007.04.16 15:00
    Close Time: 2007.04.17 14:50 (23 hours and 50 minutes)
    Open Price: 1.9933
    Close Price: 2.0072
    Profit: +139 pips

    EURGBP - sell
    Open Time: 2007.04.16 16:15
    Close Time: 2007.04.17 10:31 (18 hours and 16 minutes)
    Open Price: 0.6810
    Close Price: 0.6781
    Profit: +29 pips
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    USDJPY - sell
    Open Time: 2007.04.13 11:15 (GMT+2)
    Close Time: 2007.04.18 13:52
    Open Price: 118.41
    Close Price: 118.36

    Profit: +5 pips
  3. I think "live trades" would indicate you post the entry on the entry date and time and exit on the exit date and time.
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    I'll definitely do that in the near future. Since the day I started this thread I've not initiated a new trade yet. In the future I post them when I open them.
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    Here are two my trades that are currently open. I opened them before starting the first post bu since they are not closed yet there could be of value. All my times are in GMT+2.

    GBPJPY - short
    Open Time: 2007.04.16 23:53
    Open Price: 238.02

    EURGBP - short
    Open Time: 2007.04.17 11:16
    Open Price: 0.6774

    My automated Money Management system constantly changes SL and TP levels so I don't post them here. I just post the final result whether it is of loss or profit nature.

    So far as you can see on previous posts I'm +173 pips up. I hope I stay in profit zone for a while.

    I also need to mention that my expectation is to see between 55 to 65% of trades end up in profit.
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    The GBPJPY trade closed and hit TP. Here is the complete specifications:

    GBPJPY - sell
    Open Time: 2007.04.16 23:53 (GMT+2)
    Close Time: 2007.04.19 08:38
    Open Price: 238.02
    Close Price: 235.62

    Profit: +240 pips

    Total Profit: +413 pips

    The EURGBP trade is still open. I also have one open USDJPY trade (short). I'll post the specifications as soon as I get access to my trading platform.
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    The USDJPY open trade:

    USDJPY - sell
    Open Time: 2007.04.19 11:15 (GMT+2)
    Open Price: 117.82
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    Both EURGBP and USDJPY are still open. I hope to get out of these trades successfully. They are both in loss zone but who knows what the market might offer next.
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    My system entered a long USDJPY trade today. I now have two short trades open (EURGBP and USDJPY) and a long USDJPY. I'll post the specifications of the last trade as soon as I get access to my computer.
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    A recent PipBoxer AUDUSD trade closed at BE. Here is the specs of this trade:

    AUDUSD - sell
    Open Time: 2007.04.23 17:39 (GMT+2)
    Close Time: 2007.04.24 02:06
    Open Price: 0.8342
    Close Price: 0.8338

    Profit: +4 Pips

    I have currently 4 trades open in my live account:

    EURGBP sell @ 0.6774
    USDJPY sell @ 117.82
    USDJPY buy @ 118.44
    GBPJPY sell @ 237.02
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