alread Monday-MASSIVE "Sell Off" in Asia

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  1. you better check it out...what do you see for the YM, ES tomorrow, USA time?...probably another "Stiff drop" for US markets as the FTSE and DAX will also be tanking...BUT, then comes the "buy the dip" BULLS to lift YM by days end? agree???..also...Boston 3 Indians 1 in 5th...
  2. I expect the sell off to continue all day tomorrow
  3. do you see a YM rebound only on Tuesday?..Asia market getting crunched right now!!!! 10:17PM EST...WOW!
  4. This is rubbish.

    Its just catching up with the US index drops on friday (our friday night).

    If you look at O'night spi trading you'll see it just tracked it down. AsiaPac is now going sideways after opening proportionally down as one expects after a solid directional move on the US markets.
  5. I agree. Negative Divergence in the QQQQ. Notice the weak attempt at a new high with less strength behind it. Not to mention the MACD crossing down. Look out below for at least a another day or two.
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    For the first time in 3 years I am 100% FLAT! (Say for a Dec. Gold position)
    Sold all of my long positions on Friday to protect the profits I was holding. I'm not a doom and gloomer but on Friday (Oct 19) as the market kept falling, I couldn't stop remembering the 1987 clip of Marty Zweig (sp?) on Louis Ruk....ser's Wall Street from the Friday before Black Monday. That Friday was a bad day too and that Monday became history. I figured hey, I have a nice profit running and it's starting to melt so why not take it off the table and see what Monday brings? I can always get back in but I forgot how good and stress-free it feels to be 100% flat.
  7. Hang Seng 28,435.33 -1,029.72 -3.49%

  8. depending on how DAX and FTSE respond to Asia massive sell off occuring...will point towards most of the day for Dow, SP monday...why?...FTSE and DAX already took part of Fridays US massacre in the for the overnight action in the FTSE and DAX as real indicator of where US markets will head tomorrow, Monday...agree?
  9. What a lot of crap.

    There is no massive asian sell off.

    Grow up.

    There was a friday drop in the US. Asia has gone sideways to slightly up since then. Its the end of lunch and SPI, STW and N225 are all above their opening prices. HSI is quite strongly above open.

    This is classic behaviour after a big US drop.

    Thats not to say that they couldn't go down in the afternoon session. But its more likely that they will consolidate as people wait to see if America panics in the morning.

    PS. If enough here on ET declare monday a down day (3000 pts plus to match 1987 on % terms) then it will go up :)
  10. Even with massive selloff, their trends lines are still pointing up.
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