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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by janko, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. janko


    any of you guys have any experience with these guys, it looks really cheap, 20bucks w/o L2. it's kind of a weird remote control menu that starts it up, but once you open up the different apps, it looks pretty neat, the charts are kinda cool, a lot better than nextrend, at least when your navigating through them. my question is - do any of you know the quality of the data feed, are the quotes reliable??? thnx
  2. mjt


    I tried it for a month a while back. I remember being very unimpressed. I can't remember why. I keep a spreadsheet on all the services I try out, and write down notes why I decided not to continue with each, but I don't see it on there. I have another spreadsheet on my second computer, but I shut it off for the weekend. If I remember, I will see if I jotted down any notes.
  3. janko


    hey mjt, i was wondering if there is a service that you recomend, i'm not too picky, but i am a chart freak, i like nice charts and easy customization, nextrend was kind of a pita. i had windows on walstreet taht was cool but 80 bucks, and for that money i wanted colorcoded time and sales which it didnt have, e signal is good but a bit too much for me at least for now, i just need nice intraday streaming chart and a basic quote window. qcharts is nice from what i hear but the data feed is horrible, so then whats the point if data is 10 seconds behind!!! so do you have any suggestions??? thnx
  4. mjt


    I've pretty much tried the same ones you have. Plus I've used Real Tick and other direct access platforms. Real Tick is the best, but sounds like you don't want to spend that kind of money. Don't expect too much for under $80. You get what you pay for.
  5. janko

    Check out quickenquotes at
    Their prices for real time streaming data cost from $19.95 to 54.95 a month. They get their feed from Comstock.
  6. kempo


    The QCharts feed has dramatically improved over the last month. I have had maybe 1 or 2 problems over the entire month. Having said that, I use RavenQuote with the QCharts feed. Excellent charting, etc.

  7. janko


    i looked at quicken but i dont know if i would like their platform, as far as qcharts goes, all i read is how incompetent they are, they got a new upgrade file or osmething like that and people have problems logging in, and if the thing crashes twice a day, well thats no good. i either spend the money on a decent setup, maybe like e signal but demand good reliability or i try to wing it on the next best thing for a cheaper price. so i dont know what i;m going to do, maybe wing it with something like next trend or alphatrade, trade on IB, and when qcharts gets their act together i might switch to them or e-signal. Man this is tough!!!
  8. mjt



    It sounds like you're suggesting the eSignal is not reliable. Is this correct? I've found it to be extrememly reliable. I haven't used level 2 yet, but I haven't heard anything bad from anyone about that either. (There was a thread earlier where a guy was having a delay in the morning, but I'm not so sure that's common.) Anyway, from my experience and from others on this board, it sounds like eSignal may be one of the more stable solutions.
  9. m_c_a98


    I have an IDSL connection with Qcharts and Interactive brokers and have only had one instance where Qcharts data feed diconnected. The program automatically switched immediately to a different server withing 20seconds. I've only had Qcharts for a couple months but so far I haven't had the same negative experiences that I've read on various message boards.
    No complaints(yet) with Qcharts..
  10. Mr_F


    I have cable with RavenQoute/QCharts and have had a lot of problems with the QC data feed. However, it has been better the last two - three weeks or so.
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