Alphabet/Google growth prospects?

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  1. I wonder what is your opinion on long-term prospects of Alphabet/Google.

    My opinion:
    The company seems of being very dependent on advertising income and abilities to grow in developed countries seems of being limited. There are growth opportunities in undeveloped countries.
    Other segments are growing, but still, most corporate customers seem of preferring Office365 rather than G Suite.
    Also, the company seems to be more and more target of regulations.
    It looks they don't efficiently compete with Amazon in internet retail or flight/hotel bookings via their search engine.
    So my opinion is HOLD (unsure about high growth prospects, with the current PE 35.93.

    Your opinion?
  2. Nobert


    They're diversified beyond search engine, up to the things like Boston Dynamics & those guys are the leaders in robotics.

    They're kinda perma player in FAANG, noneless sounds like the famous last words & i wouldn't buy em at these levels.

    If lacking the skills of TA, then one could average in, build a position over 2 years or so.
  3. 931


    To make some joints or mechanical system , reliable and flexible + having some preprogrammed tasks finished is nothing IMO compared to the complexity involved in how to make the system reason and find oppertunity in environment.

    I for example love conspiricy theories , just giving my part.......

    I lately discovered that the google tracking option has been turned on again behind my back.

    So many condition change emails over the years... They probably also possess the stats on how many even read those and for how long..

    Anyway one person knew how to open timeline trough waze and checked the positioning history when i lost my car.... google still had collected lot of the data... While years ago i remember turning it off.

    Later the smartphone started insulting me by asking where i was when there was a gap in the positioning info, while not asking it ever before when i had not discovered i am being tracked and stored in "cloud databases".

    From what i understand waze is also purchased by google and its users are part of googles datamining operation now...
    Also the prompt that "randomly" turns screen on and asks for voice activated instruction support is very creepy IMO. As the button to accept is alot bigger and more visible due to color than the button to decline, that is almost invisible and tiny...
    Saw it alot at nighttime, while at some point not seeing it anymore.
    Also phones may accept itself due to the screen being turned on by "alphabet" and press the accept button automatically due to failure in touch sensitive area...
    One phone i had where screen got hot could press buttons itself at some point....

    Also i have done tests with how google shows dif data to dif people, its strange IMO. I dont think the intention is giving most useful info fast, but instead to target toward some bias depending on past search results.

    Worse is ahead probably....
    I think watching some google employees like Ray Kurzweil on YT can give good insight about potential future involving brain-computer interfaces etc.

    Now to also include tendency of false promases by corporations and effects of human nature + gathering of startups working on that type of tech that is probably coming soon...

    I would not be suprised if soon you can talk to Jesus in cloud environment powered by googles brain-chip interface, and it probably wont be the guy who criticized currency exchagnes etc.

    I think it has become creepy company thanks to evil side of human nature and now big data can amplify that.
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    Never a sell.
  5. As someone mentioned above, they’re busy in the robotics space. They’re also in the autonomous driving space with Wayamo.

    Everyone also seems to forget they own YouTube.

    Google are driving a lot of innovation, the same as Amazon and Apple.

    Due diligence won’t go amiss ;)
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  6. 931


    There is growth prospect in google thanks to the wickedness present there.
    Judging from what has been visible so far, and if similar people/ideas direct google in future, tech evolution will power it even further...
    They probably would try to grow chips into brains of people if they could, so yes there is growth prospect.
    Even better data mining and manipulation operation then.
    All probably for good cause, but cui bono?