Alpha Hedge Fund Hall of Fame interviews/profiles

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    Found this collection of interviews in an old ET thread. Not bad!

    Half a dozen of these guys I would regard as all time greats:-
    Kovner, Tudor Jones, Soros, Cohen, Simons, Steinhardt,...

    To be an 'all time great' in my eyes means a sustained period (10-20 years or more) of exceptional returns in all kinds of market environment, not just riding the latest tech boom or commodity bubble.

    But what makes the articles interesting is that they were written in 2008. We can reflect on what they said at the time and look back at who was right, who saw the train wreck coming, and who made or lost money after 2008...

    And who else deserves a mention as an all time great?
    Buffett of course. Livermore, perhaps but a style that blows up four times in a career is more of the "Greg Norman" school of trading, not a multiple major winner (to use a golfing analogy)

    Paulson, Henry, Rotter... I think these guys can perhaps be added..

    Did any of the guys in the list blow up?

    Any of these guys contribute to ET? :D :D