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  1. ar1002


    Hi All,

    I would like to know anyone knows about a broker Alpari which is based in UK?

  2. Dleiman


    I know them for a long time. I guess they for over 10 years on the market and they came from Kazan, Russia. That's a good pick.
  3. I had an account with Alpari UK for less than a week, they're the worst I've come across so far!
  4. ar1002


    Why you say so?
  5. I was with them for 1 month in Jan.. they had bad fills.. the spread used to increase during news alot.. I am not a news trader though. but occassionally i trade.
    I wont prefer going with Alpari again.. I have my funds taken out from there..

    Remember: Everyone has different view about any other broker...

    Someone happy, someone not.. same like you win in this field or you lose :)
  6. Price freezes, disconnections, lies, crap customer support, poor execution, slippage etc etc.

    The main reason I closed the account was I had two platforms running, the live account and a demo, both Alpari UK, both off the same server. I had placed a trade on the live account on release of some fairly insignificant data and immediately got disconnected, but the demo account stayed connected just fine. I queried it with them and was told it was either my ISP, their internet provider, or my PC so I sent them the log files from both accounts showing one stayed connected while the other didn't. Despite a few calls with the morons at Alpari Customer Services they couldn't come up with any plausible explanation between them, they didn't even have the sense to try and make up a believable reason!

    Manipulating thieves basically, they're not even smart enough to be discrete about it, I wouldn't advise anyone to trade there.