Alpari UK Announces Insolvency

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    "This has resulted in the majority of clients sustaining losses which has exceeded their account equity. Where a client cannot cover this loss, it is passed on to us."

    When you offer 100:1 leverage you should expect this to happen to you one day. The cause could be anything.
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    Alpari website says they were offering 500:1 leverage on forex.
  3. game over !.. wow.. i have an account with them..
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    ...yeah right...
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  5. The leverage was not the problem. I guess they had most of the traders on the wrong side,
    some with no stop losses.
  6. You just don't get it. The illiquidity makes all stops useless. No bank wanted to fill the stop orders, get it ?

    It's funny that so many people don't understand there is the other side to the bet. When the other side doesn't want to play ball, you are f***ed.
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  7. Oh!!! Thus I missed a great learning opportunity where all the limit orders disappeared.
    May I ask : did you experience this event negatively ( aka losses)?

    I am sure those on the right side managed to get out.
  8. No, I was a winner on short cad/chf. Had to wait a few hours before I could close out my profit. For a moment, I thought my bucketshop had gone belly up.
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