Alpari adds pairs

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Wallace, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. via email: "We are happy to announce that we have added new currency pairs:
    In order to trade them, please right click on the “Market Watch” window
    (the one with the quotes) and select the “Show All” item from the context menu.

    Spreads for these currencies are as follows*:
    AUDJPY - 5 pips
    AUDCHF - 6 pips
    AUDCAD - 7 pips
    AUDNZD - 12 pips
    CADJPY - 6 pips
    CADCHF - 8 pips
    NZDJPY - 7 pips
    EURNZD - 12 pips
    * Under normal market conditions

    Please refer to the “Contracts Specifications” webpage for details:
  2. Geez man, i hope your a paid sponsor .
    Jeepers, alpari alpari , alpari.
    Last i checked they seemed more than suss, must have another look for the airtime your giving them.
  3. yes acronym, I appreciate your pov

    I'd have preferred that Alpari released all the info in 1 email
  4. Certainly wallace is somewhat associated to alpari, He is putting the same stuff all around different places as well.
  5. philipatt, I've always posted 'public service announcements' particularly concerning the
    software I use, and the brokers I'm a client of, and, on all the forums where I'm a member
    since you've only been registered here for a month you may not be aware of that

    each of my previous Alpari emails has been viewed 300+ times which seems to indicate
    members are interested in such information

    Alpari, one of the oldest fx brokers, opening a London, UK office speaks imo to their
    reliability and commitment to fx traders, as does the recent changes of margins, etc
    and perhaps in the future to provide cfds etc to trade — I'll be sure to let you know

    Alpari is the only broker still providing a server for MetaQuotes — free realtime + history
    feed for MetaStock Pro — pm me with your email if you want a copy of MQ

    Alpari also still provides MT3 and from whom a free utility can be obtained + the required
    service packs for the realtime + history feed into TS2Ki (Omega Prosuite) from MT3:
    correct me if I'm wrong but the feed from MT4 can't be accessed to be used by other
    charting programs, hence Alpari's continued support of MT3 which can feed many other
    charting programs either directly or with 3rd party utilities

    and if needed, EW education and analysis of the majors:
    analysis only: