Alot of up and down Volatility this morning on YM !!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jimmygold, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. WOW, tough trading. I imagine many Stops are getting obliterated this morning on YM.
    Im just staying out !!!!!!!
  2. Anything less then a 35 pt stop is throwing money out the window.
  3. Surdo


    Don't you use a 35 point stop for a 5 point profit target?

    GO AWAY already. Your like a dandelion that keeps popping up.

  4. fseitun


    What did Spectre say to deserve this comment?

    He's right...small stops will chop you in and out of this market...bigger stops and bigger targets to trade this...
  5. Sometimes, you have to risk a lot in order to make a little. That's what most people are doing anyway.
  6. Yeah, were in a great downtrend today and it looks deceptively easy to make money in YM when looking at the 3 min. chart. Just short the popups, right ??
    Sure go ahead .
    Thing is there is too many long upper shadows on those red bars.
    I went to Simulator after my second trade getting stopped out.

    No thanx
  7. <i>"He's right...small stops will chop you in and out of this market...bigger stops and bigger targets to trade this..."</i>

    Faster charts, same or smaller stops, greater precision. Lots of small losses or par, modest to big profits when they run.

    3min is an eternity right now. 100 - 250 tick setting is about right for YM(ES)

  8. Cool, thnx. Will start looking at 1 minute more in environments like today
  9. because I know how to survive. Do this test:

    Enter a trade on the Ym with a 5 pt stop and a 10 pt profit target. Do it 20 times in a row. Your win rate will be 15% at best.

    There always nees to be room for wiggle. This week I've had two big trades. Well in mind mind. One for +64 pts and one for +110 yesterday. I used a 50 pt stop on one and a 35 on another. The market has been TOO volatile to use midget stops. My first scale out point is usually +5 in normal conditions. In these conditions they are +10. I know you mean well Surdo but I just wish you wouldn't flame unless you knew our complete methodology at PT. Trailing your stops is key. I cheat now! I have Alex's ExitASSIST program which does it for me. I just get out when I hear the buzz.

    In the end. if your making $ with your method, great. I'm making $ with my method.. great. Theres no here judging who's better. One day will have a contest and a chili cook off.

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