Almost Homeless!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by marketsurfer, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. I saw this guy walking around NYC today.

    Respectable looking businesman, on cell phone, with an "almost homeless" placard hanging around his neck. Iphone had a smudge on the lens, hence the blur:


    coincidently, christies auction house is right down the street with a 20-30 million dollar Basquiat hanging in the window.

    these are crazy times!


  2. we now know who marketsurfer is? why do you have that placard on you. You look like an idiot.
  3. harsh! How is the riskfreetrading going?

  4. So what did the rest of the placard say?
  5. The place card said:

    All we Fu()* idiots who worked on the Street as "Salesmen" of bad paper, who worked as Stock Brokers but never told their clients to sell, who work on the trading desk of key banks that helped to bring upon the Credit mess......WE ARE OUTA WORK.

  6. man, i wish i would have gotten a clear photo!

    it talked about how he needs health insurance for his kids, worked 20 years for same company, wife is out of work, etc.

    guy was wearing expensive custom threads also.....

  7. Mav88


    did you tell him to 'get a fucking job'?
  8. hawk24


    what did he do with all his money? Don't tell me he didn't save? uh oh
  9. Did you tell him obama will save him very soon? :eek:


  10. :D


    actually, the sign did say he is looking for work.
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