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    And I have no clue where to start looking for a trading job. I will be graduating in December with a Bachelor's in Finance, and trading is what really interests me. Any tips of where I can start looking? The only experience I have is just trading on my own accounts.
  2. Go to a prop firm, like Stevie Cohen. He is perhaps the most successful trader in many ways. He also traded on his own account first.
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    ok why don't I waste my 1 minute and just tell you how it is

    you need to learn to trade, prop will not do that for you

    now let me guess, you won't listen, well neither did I

    good luck kido
  4. Exactly moron! YOU need to learn, not the prop firm! Nobody will learn for you, only YOU yourself will learn, at a prop firm, in your basement, under the bridge where someguy ate pigeon shit.
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    You dont even know me and youre calling me a moron?
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    fuck him. But yeah you do need to learn if you don't already know. If you do, then yes you should go prop because it is easier to trade that way. ofcourse you have to be sensible about it and use the leverage to your advantage, and not get your account blocked because of all that leverage. i hope u understood that.

    Forget about trading at a bank. that is a very lengthy way unless you r a hidden diamond. do it yourself then go prop.
  7. I didn't think you were a moron until you posted the above message.

    I was replying to a different poster (Did I include his quote???) but you jumped in and put yourself in his position. Based on the fact that you have completely misunderstood whom I was addressing, I think that you ARE a moron.
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    I'll give you the same advice I just gave a guy in your shoes that just PMed me --> Find a mentor. Somehow, someway, at any firm, in any city, find a guy who knows what he is doing and buy him Starbucks every morning, wash his car, buy him lunch, whatever, to get the opportunity to sit next to him and learn. More than money, you need knowledge.

    Don't fall into the seminar or classes trap, you need to learn from watching someone that knows how to trade. You need to hit the pavement and hustle and make it happen, how you do it falls on you. Any firm, any product from futures, currencies, stock, anything so long as there is a very successful guy you can leech trading knowledge from. Will not come easy, but it is possible if you want it bad enough, I did it many years ago, and have many successful friends who did the same.

    Once you have the skills, the money will come.
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    yes I was about to tell him that you called me a moron not him

    but you beat me to moron :D :D
  10. 2 questions

    Where do you go to school?


    This will determine your options
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