Almost 10,000 in the rain

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kgharris, Oct 28, 2008.

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    He can't lower the oceans if it keeps on raining. :D
  2. I've heard of "too dumb to come in out of the rain" but seeing it is priceless!!
  3. Yes, very dumb. So dumb that Obama will win this election in a landslide.
  4. Well, wow, with a solemn statement like that you can't be wrong!!

    at this time in 04, kerry and President Bush were tied in the polls. Kerry lost by 3 points. Currently a lot of news is coming out about Obama and his marxism, dirty money, and dirty tricks. The credit freeze is thawed and the Dow has put in a triple bottom and is running up large today... gas is a lot cheaper and people have heard so much news about the housing problems that they don't care anymore... good times are here again, 8 more years, yeah!!
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    I heard that most of McCain's supporters have jobs to attend, rather than political rallies.
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    "Landslide" is either a useless guess or wishful thinking.
    Hussein winning certainly seems likely though.

    An acquaintance of mine voted yesterday and stood in line for over 5 hours.
    Sounds like voter turnout is going to be huge.
  7. LOL. As the Republicans showed, the remaining Republicans work as "fake plumbers" without day jobs with incomes at best $30,000.
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    Now that was a good one. Wish I thought of it!

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    Landslide? I doubt that highly.
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