<<Almanacs?>> GIVE US BREAK!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by total180, Dec 30, 2003.

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    I'm used to it since my backpack has made me a suspicious character for a couple of years now :p
  2. I bet next they'll <b>really</b> lose all connection with reality, and use taxpayer money to air TV commercials claiming that everybody who buys prohibited drugs is a terrorist supporter.

    Nah, they'd never do something that ridiculous.
  3. Guess I'm going to stop carrying around my Stock Trader's Almanac. That, and trim my foot-long beard! :)
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    My best friend had to cut his hair because he was so tired of being searched every time he went to an airport.
  5. Here is the latest from the FBI:

    Watch for two extremely white young males, age 18 to 22, dressed in black pants and white shirts, with black ties, short hair, each carrying a black book, and wearing a backpack, walking together and knocking on doors.

    They are extremely dangerous, and you should not open the door.
  6. haha your referring to seventh day adventists arent you :p
  7. Next "reasonable precaution"

    Everyone purchasing plumbing supplies at local HomeDepot, to be escorted back home for a complete house search by FBI. You know... pipe bombs can be easily built in your garage/basement.

    Or, hey you look funny, why aren't you smiling? are you hiding something? do you know something bad is going to happen? Off to GTMO Bay for "debriefing" hehe

  8. the question is, what is in the backpacks ??
  9. That is what the FBI wants to know.

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