Alltime high on Nasdaq

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  1. Wondering about what you astute traders of ET think about the Nasdaq putting in an alltime new high in the next 2-5 years. S&P did it and the dow did it after the tech bubble but the tech heavy Nasdaq didn't.

    From a loose technical view, it looks like the index is currently at/near a HnS formation, but if it doesn't form and breaks above, what do you think? Possible?
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    tech has gone crazy in last 30 years,the next ten will dwarf that
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    It has a lot of room to go. Recently made an 11 year high. Tech is booming. New discoveries along the way. Quantum mechanics will change the world. New computers, new gadgets, a whole new world. Companies like AAPL and GOOG are positioned to take advantage of the breakthroughs.


    I don't see it. Early March 2000 the NASDAQ Composite was above 5000 so we'd need to see about 95% gain from here to reach those levels again.
  5. I think we triple up in qqqq from approx. 50 currently to 150 in the next decade or so.

    1999 - 2010 was a massive pennant consolidation that is going to move us much higher I believe.
  6. most people have more computing power than they know what to do with. laptop/ipad/kindle/iphone made computers as mobile as reasonably needed for most people.

    what kind of tech breakthroughs do you guys have in mind when you talk about the coming tech revolution?

    the tech will crash way before everyone in the world has an iphone.
  7. It would be interesting to see what power facebook may add to the equation too if(when) it goes public.
  8. what power? we all will become voyeurs. people will sleep, eat and hang out on facebook.

    the good news is that the population growth will slow down because nobody will have the real sex anymore.

    the bad news is that nobody will do any real work, so we will all starve to death.
  9. Well I for one don't really give much attention to facebook. I was at one time hooked for all of a month or so but to me at least, I really don't care what someone I haven't seen for years thinks at the moment. As it sits, I think it's a passing fad, but not yet.
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    facebook give it 3 more years and it will go downhill just like myspace
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