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    I'm wondering if anyone has applied for the equities trading job at allston trading in chicago. Has anyone heard anything back from them yet?
  2. I have to take a general assessment test there on Monday. Does anybody know what this test might entail? Thanks.
  3. Has anyone taken the assesment test here? If so, could you please shed some light on the same.

    Thank You.:)
  4. I have. It is a quantitative thinking test. Trust me, there is nothing you can do to prepare for it - like most tests given by prop firms.
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    What do you mean by quantitive reasoning questions?

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  7. Some of the easy questions just involve finishing number patterns and picking numbers out of a group that are different. The more difficult ones are short story problems that test your quantitative thinking more than actual math skills.
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    I've taken a test that is (probably) similar for another prop house in chicago. It consisted of stuff like:

    Bill is taller than Ted, Ted is shorter than Steve is Bill shorter than Max, is Bill taller than blah blah....

    If there are 12 people in a room and they all shake hands with everyone once, how many shakes?

    Which one of these 10 digit strings is the same as XXXXXXXXXX

    Which one of these shapes could not be produced by rotating this? (example shape)

    Then there was some just straight up math questions. It was a 48 question test with a 15 minute time limit. I think they said in order to be invited back you needed to get a little over 30 correct.
  9. Thank You for getting back !

    Is it possible to pass it? How many people do you think take the test?
  10. Just curious how many ETers were at Allston's test today....

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