Allow Me to Introduce: The Biggest Sucker Rally Since The Great Depression

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    For the bears on here, you should check out the commentary press release that hit the DIA today.

    This is a pretty interesting read:

    For those that watched the Paul Tudor Jones documentary on youtube, Paul points out how an old chart from 1929 matched up with his 87 chart and a crash was coming. He said it was erie how close it matched.

    Well here we have it again folks, according to the press release above:

  2. Ride the wave to the top, then bail out. Duh! What are you doing? Sitting on the sidelines hoping for a crash because some "expert" says so?
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    No just pointing out how strange that similarity is. :p
  4. that kind of similarity argument hasn't worked too well the last decade or so.

    Don't count too much on it.
  5. I like this sentence in the article:
    "While bulls feast on the current gains, bears and average investors observe the market's rise with amazement."

    it describes perfectly this rally. Its the most hated rally ever because so few investors are participating. The "average investor" is sitting on the sideline and not understanding whats going on. The typical perma-bear has started shorting somewhere around 900 in expectation this is only a bear market rally and is now head under water.
    These are not the typical conditions for a market top.
  6. current game: reverse sentiment preceeds fundamentals !
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    That's a very good point. I think the general public is sitting around thinking with all these layoffs, record high unemployment, an apparently weak economy, why are we at record highs?

    It doesn't make sense to them so they aren't buying it, which may explain why volume is below average on many stocks.
  8. The biggest suckers/idiots are the ones who did not put in their money in Mar Apr May, and are now just putting in their money. This guy from the Ric Edelman show said he bailed out in '07 and he just now wants to get in. Then there's this other guy in this very forum has 25% of his money in, but wants to increase it to 75%. There you have two big fat idiots. Unbelievable!
  9. part of the issue here, is that this just plain is not an ordinary market, the kind of thing that the investment community has sold to the American public for the last 3 decades

    any presumptions about the risk people thought they were taking are now out the window
  10. One word to describe it...........uncertainty.
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