alliance--- real or a front?

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  1. I was about to open an account with Alliance before I saw this picture on their site

    Do my eyes deceive me, or am I seeing some kind of front? it looks like a plywood DOORWAY placed over an alley. look close, there is NOTHING behind those open doors, just empty space.


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    Who cares if they have a plywood or granite facade, this is just another useless thread.
  3. "Licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Jamaica to carry on the business of Securities Dealers and Investment Advisors, we provide companies and individuals with successful time tested approaches and innovative options to investment and finance. Our top team of investment professionals has over 60 years combined experience in Investment, Finance and Banking. "

    Looks real enough to me

  4. I would trade there because there is not pattern day trading rule. I can daytrade stocks with just 2k.

    you are not understanding. LOOK behind the sign, into the doorway!! there is NOTHING there. its like they put a plywood doorway over an alleyway. there is nothing behind the SIGN. the sign isnt on the building, its inbetween the buildings--- this would be like making a fake doorway with a sign on top of it, and placing it between two buildings and callign that your office.

    I am surprised others have not seen this. in other words, they have no office unless its on lawn chairs in the alley behind the fake doorway.

  5. Look close at the picture of the doorway.

    there is just an opening behind it.

    there is not office, no computers, no workers, no nothing behind the door with the sign on top.

    It appears to be an old alleyway between two buidlings.

    I am very concerned about sending money to a place that shows you that their office is empty and is just a sign above a fake doorway.
  6. you've never been to Jamaica, that's how things look, except for the resorts for Canadian/British tourists

  7. they work outside in alleys behind fake doors in jamica? I dont get it? do they show up with laptops lugging lawn chairs during market hours and sit in a circle in that alleyway? Seems like a hot ridiculous way to do business. but hey, what do I know??

    You are right, I have never been to jamiaca. My blonde friend went there and was hassled non stop, so I avoid it.

    Do you trade with alliance? Does anyone here, can anyone vouch for them? I know its just 2k, but still, I want to makesure there is more to this firm than a fake doorway over an alley.

    thank you
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  9. No I don't know anything about their company, I'm just saying that once you leave the resort, you're in a whole new world. Buildings and infastructure would surprise you compared to what you see in tourism ads
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