Alliance Football League

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  1. Promoting itself as a developmental league for the NFL. Premiers on CBS tonight. They do have some well known names coaching. Might have some promise. We'll see.
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    It definitely has promise.

    "it will offer a gambling product that allows customers to watch a game on an app while on the same screen betting on anything from touchdowns to tackles to scores. Bettors will also have the option to bet on actual data including the speed at which a quarterback throws the football.

    Alliance players on all eight teams will wear sensors that will allow the company's tech team to collect live, second-generation statistics that can immediately update in-game gambling odds.

    The in-game betting option comes as part of a three year deal that makes MGM Resorts the official sports betting sponsor and exclusive gaming partner. MGM, which notched a lesser sponsorship deal with the NBA for the upcoming season, becomes the first sportsbook to ever own exclusive in-game betting rights for any major sports organization. Because MGM is the official licensee, it will host the gambling business on its app.

    The agreement with MGM comes in the wake of May's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively gives state legislatures the ability to legalize sports wagering at their own discretion".

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  3. The league has some promise. I like the rule changes.

    The QB play outside of Orlando was beyond horrific. Two of the four teams changed to their backups mid game. Eight combined INT’s in the two games.
    Also, the offensive lines got manhandled which obviously didn’t help the QB’s.
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  4. Some good, some not so much. Seemed a bit too much like a scrimmage rather than a game. Refs blew some obvious calls, but refs have been horrible at all levels lately. I'll watch again. Decent talent
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    If I owned this league.... I'd have one of the teams sign Colin Kaepernick with a big fat juicy contract.
    It would be a marketing coup. Like him or not, it would get millions in free press.

    I mean I for one never even knew the league existed until CO made this thread. If they signed him, MSM would be all over it, it would get a news cycle for at least a day... it would certainly bring awareness of the league to every house in America. Pretty sure it would bump viewership immediately.

    Then throw in that gambling app that lets you bet play by play...maga! :p
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    I think he was made an offer, but it wasn't enough cash. I think they are paying those guys around $75000 a season. I agree though that it might bring in viewers and there might be a price point that made it worthwhile.
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    Yeah you're right. He wanted 20MM lol. That would probably piss off the other players I'd imagine.
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