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  1. Fluid


    As Emerson so eloquently put it;
    "Muscular activity supercedes intellectual thought."

    Assert your strength X-or!
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  2. Fluid



    Just for the sake of clarity; you do you realize that "net" & "gross" are two different measurements right?
    #52     Oct 9, 2002
  3. AllenZ


    Not sure what you mean. Are you referring to commision cost or what. Please clarify what you asking.

    #53     Oct 9, 2002
  4. AllenZ


    When I say NET, I am referring to ( gains - losses = net ). Not taking commission into account. Gross would be if I only counted total gains with no losses subtracted. If that is wrong please correct me.

    #54     Oct 9, 2002
  5. Fluid


    Well I am not suggesting that it is my place to correct you, BUT I do think your motives would be construed as a little more genuine if your true "net" was depicted on this thread.

    As I see it, you have made 21 trades in 6 days. If you take an eight dollar roundturn per-contract then that is an additional 8 1/2pts off the bottom line or roughly 30% of what you consider "net" to be.

    So instead of your "net" being displayed as +27 it would look a little more like +18.5 and could make a considerable difference in a "newbie" trader making the decision to pay for your chatroom, but I am sure you have already given that consideration some thought.
    #55     Oct 9, 2002
  6. AllenZ


    I do not post net because for two reasons.

    1. commish is part of the game and is different with different brokers, all i am doing is exhibiting a style of trading.

    2. I expect most people understand that commission is to be deducted to get an exact amount of per contract profit.

    Anyway thank you for pointing that out, in case someone thought I trade commission free.

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  7. Fluid



    I can appreciate that you are attempting to "exhibit" a style of trading, but now lets be serious here; it is not as if this exhibition is a pure act of selfless benevolence on your part.

    I just feel that if you are going to put on an "exhibition" of this sort, it would only be fair to display a true and accurate depiction of the results. This way the others reading this thread can better judge the viability of your "style".

    Anyway this will be my last post here on this matter; for I would not want to come across as ungrateful for your "exhibitions". Fact is Allen you inadvertently help line my pockets. While it is true that most "teachers" of this game are failed or unsuccessful traders, so are most traders. Your gig helps perpetuate the endless merry-go-round of sheep!

    So for that Allen, I must thankyou.
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  8. For Christ's sakes, Fluid. ease up. The guy's just posting his trades. This isn't an SEC audit.

    AllenZ - keep it up. I appreciate whatever you've got to share.
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  9. Fluid, the majority of your 6 posts have been on AllenZ's thread... makes me think that you have some kind of agenda... its all too easy for rival trading rooms to come on and blast their competition in the guise of a retail trader or whatever...

    But let's suppose your queries are legit and without an agenda... are you incapable of subtracting commissions? Another thing, your commissions argument is pretty crappy anyways, cos it all depends on how many contracts you are trading... so take the entry price and the exit price, take the number of contracts you would have traded under those circumstances and work out your personal (i.e. adjusted for your account size) commissions to net gain ratio... as the previous poster alluded to, this ain't an SEC audit, its an educational thread...
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  10. Hendrix


    Reverse spam......
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