Allenhobbs is one sick phuck

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by atticus, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Barry Kellner of NYC [allenhobbs et al] has been sending me PMs inquiring about the well-being of my son. Veiled threats. Here is the latest from today. Unfortunately I deleted the one from last week. FWIW, all PMs have been unsolicited:

  2. Barry Kellner/allenhobbs/phlegmologist,

    I will be posting your arrest record, judgements, current address and phone number if I receive any further PMs or emails from you or any alias. On this site and many others.
  3. That ought to shut him up.
  4. Reaver has not conveyed any information to allenhobbs about my son, who, by the way, reads at 4yo and is not autistic.
  5. That is correct.
  6. You can give him shit for

    There are some path-dependent pricing assumptions which I intend to abrogate through the discrete turnover of diametric-outliers on the long gamma component basket.

    but seriously...

    For that shit, you better have excellent medical coverage. On second thought, you should flee the country. I would have hunted you down by now if you would have said the things to me that you've said to him.
  7. Atticus is a merciful god.

    Some people like Barry are unable to count their blessings, however.

    I am now off to google to see what abrogate means.
  8. I'll be visiting soon.
  9. I just had visions of allenhobbs in a Predator movie.
  10. That's odd stuff. My best to everyone. One thing that I'm sure of is that the son is well and fine.
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