allenhobbs exposed!

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  1. So, allenhobbs finally admits to flamboyantly gay sexual activity with Jay from BnB.
  2. Allen hobbs also backed down from ANOTHER trading challenge!

    As we remember, last time he issued a trading challenge to Atticus, and then proceeded to back down from his own challenge.

    This time he calls Mandelbrot a paper trader and when Mandelbrot issues a challenge, allenhobbs backs down AGAIN! YES AGAIN!!

    Mandelbrot simply challenged that if he could prove allenhobbs wrong by posting his daily P7L and verifying he in fact made $2500 today, then allen would shut down his user name.

    Allen backed down. AGAIN.

    Allen is so quick to make a bold claim and issue a challenge, but is even quicker to back down and hide.
  3. Allen continues to viciously attack Mandelbrot for his Jewish background, however the real kicker is the fact that allenhobbs IS ALSO JEWISH! YES! HE IS JEWISH!!

    Why the self-hate?
  4. Because like all Homo/Fag/Pickle Smoking/cock sucking/boys, they are sick upstairs. They can't handle real life because they can't handle their own. they aren't mentally capable.

    Whats the differnece between a refrigerator and a fag?

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    Your meat isn't brown when you pull it out of the refrigerator,