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  1. I asked a similar question about Gary B Smith, so I'l ask another regarding Allen Farley, since he also has a daily pick service on

    Has anyone used it?

    Any comments from those who have?
  2. Speaking of Alan Farley, many of his swing strategies apply to short term intraday trading which is why I read him more than Gary Smith who is more positional.

    Which leads me to another question... has anyone taken Farley's online course he's hawking on for abt $150? Any good?
  3. bubbaco


    I took the course and I so wanted it to be good and helpful.I was naive,thinking well he's trying to say so much that I'm just not able to take it all in.So I bought his book, I'm sure he's got something to say but darned if I understand what it is.
    The confusion of the course was not because he was trying to say too much in a limited space, like the book he was just saying too much of nothing.
    Go to Amazon and set the review results to show the bad reviews first,those are real people talking,they are telling the truth,the 5 star reviews have to be friends or something.One guy even gave it 5 stars so that his post could show at the top of the list >default has best first ,they are selling books < He did this so us could view the truth about this wordy project.
    Who knows you may be one of the one's who finds it the best ever but I doubt.
    I count my tuition to his offerings my first 2 losses in the market.

  4. There is a "farley" lengthy thread on this topic already. Check out the search mode. Man, I just crack myself up.

    But seriously, I took the course probably 2-3 years ago, and have the book, read it, and posted a five star review. The book is so chock full of excellent points and tips that it can seem overwhelmingly verbose. It is not a quick read, or a how to book. It is definitely designed for one who has traded because much of what you read is experiential.

    Since I took the course, he has rewritten it so I will not comment on it, although I will say this, I took the course before the book had been published. And the book included at that time, almost everything in the course. But imo, the book is way better than most everything out there. Just don't look for it to hold your hand while you cross the street.

  5. Ken_DTU


    Farley's on my short list of "good folks in the business to learn from" imho, fwiw, along w/Oz, Rudd, T.Turner, Nison, Jenna, etc. Wish there were more. Nothing's easy about this. Speaking of swings, good to see barbara/jenna's back to w/her revived marketgems site. Anyways, Farley's one of the helpful guys out there for swingtrading.

  6. I found his RealMoney articles helpful. I was supposing that his course would not be all that different or harder to understand. From the web site, it sounded like the course provided more chart examples and exercises than in the book. However, he does write for the person who has traded a while and freely makes use of trading terminology that a beginner would not know (or at least would not know from the point of view of direct experience).
  7. bubbaco


    I'll admit that I was a pure rookie when I approached his material,so maybe experienced traders do have their own language.
    From the reviews at amazon I can not say with certainty,but I do believe many of the negative reviews were posted by experienced market participants.
    Concerning market experience and conveying useful knowledge,I had very little more experience when I studied Theresa Lo's material,Toni Turner said a lot in a simple way.So maybe they don't speak a foreign market language,if you got something useful then I'm glad for you.
    I gave him the benefit of the doubt completely,I will take the responsibility that I'm just not smart enough to understand him.What actually turned me sour to him was the way he handled himself on a thread called "DAY TRADING FUNDAMENTALS" on I think it's called silicon investor.Over a period of time if any one questioned his writing or guru status,he would go off on them ,angry and childish.
    I 'll stick with my experienced opinion of his stuff,if he really ,really had "the stuff" ,he would be above arrogant,ego driven, and immature tirades when questioned.

    > as we all know opinions are like buttholes ,everbody's got one <

    so as meaningless as it is thats my opinion of him and his stuff

    goood dayyy bubbaco