Allegation in P&R forum

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  1. Speak for yourself, loZZZer troll.

    Your pathetic attempt to squirm out of the very "true" points made on this thread are laughable, especially as your horrific statements are well documented here on ET. Anyone can do a search for your ZZZzzzzzzz username and the term "pedophile" or "rape," for instance, and see for themselves.

    Of course, you could try to cover your tracks if you were to find a corrupt butt-buddy moderator as you did in resinate to delete and edit your posts and even entire threads, but hopefully Joe is not willing to cover up for you.

    You're a piece of shit, loZZZZer, and the birds are coming home to roost.

    I wonder how Baron would react if authorities were to contact him in regards to tips they have received about your comments relating to pedophilia and the rape and murder of children....

    The part of particular interest is this: "Of course, you could try to cover your tracks if you were to find a corrupt butt-buddy moderator as you did in resinate to delete and edit your posts and even entire threads"

    This was a widespread practice with callmate covering for Jack Hershey, but this was because hershey was ET's protege, as in the French usage meaning 'protected.' There is no excuse however for Zzzzz to be afforded the same protection. So, is it true that a rouge moderator has been editing threads in the P&R forum to delete and modify sensitive posts created by Zzzzz in relation to pedophilia?

    If true, I must insist that edited posts, whether by forum member or moderator, are timestamped informing when the thread was last edited and by whom.

    At the very minimal this practice should be stopped!
  2. Your claims are false.

  3. When he was a moderator, the ET member known as resinate deleted and edited entire posts and threads which were critical of Zzzzz for many reasons and relating to many subjects, including pedophilia. After many complaints about his pathetic, irresponsible behavior and blatant favoritism of the Zzztroll, resinate ceased being a moderator.

    By the way, resinate thought Zzzz's comments about a pedophile getting to my children was hilarious. And did you know resinate is a "counselor" who supposedly helps pedophiles?!? Real professional, isn't he?

    Zzzzz and resinate are two pieces of turd from the same bowl.
  4. Joe


    Lets talk about Zzzz's posts for a minute.

    They are mostly controversial questions that spark aggression in some people?


    What would you do if your child was harmed? Etc....

    What would you do if you found your wife sleeping with someone else?

    Would you say these are examples of what his threads start out as?
  5. The truth not only hurts, it must be undermined at all costs. It is clear that criticism of the Zzztroll will not be tolerated.

    Wow, never thought I'd see the day when ET became a haven for scumbags and free speech countering their horrific comments was banned.

    Too funny, the loZZZer talks about fascists silencing the dissent, and here he is being protected by exactly that kind of mechanism. This is a real low point for ET.

    Et tu, Baron?
  6. Baron, based on Nik's return to P & R, it sounds like you may not have even been aware of our banning. If that is the case, it means you have a(nother) biased moderator minding that forum who for whatever reason is only taking Zzzzz's side of things....

    Good grief, ZZzzzz makes another comment about my kids being raped, I complain about it, and Nik and I get banned while Zzzzz is let loose to continue posting as Optional777???
  7. Maybe Joe is acting like most moderators would; naturally drawn to curtail your fixated, foul and sanctimonious stalking? After a while whatever ancient issues provoked you become secondary.

  8. It would appear that people aren't interested in a discussion, but rather they are interested in changing the way you moderate the P&R forum.

    Thanks for at least trying to elevate the discussion to a higher level...

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