All your homes belong to us says wells fargo

Discussion in 'Economics' started by corelove, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. corelove


    This is some scary stuff. Wells Fargo the first to launch vicious counter attack against homeowners. Will the coming revolution be televised?
  2. Bob111


    i paid cash for my house..wells fargo can go fuck them selves in my for the rest- i have no sympathy to any of them..banks,mortgage companies,"stressed" home owners..fuck them too.. nobody forced anybody to buy anything..all of them..i mean ALL got too greedy
  3. corelove


    Good for you bob1111. When all your neighbors get foreclosed and your property value plummets. Don't say you were not warned.
  4. Eddiefl


    You sounds like a nice , reasonable, friendly neighbor to have.

    Let me guess, you have had your house or cars toilet papered within the last 3 years, just a wikld guess.

  5. corelove


    I am afraid that this is just the start of a massive counter attack by all banks. This could change the structure of American society. I don't anticipate any good coming from it.
  6. Bob111


    i'm well aware of that..and in this case that would be MY losses..not yours, not some joe the plummer,who have nothing to to with it,but forced to scoop some money for another bailout for those greedy fucks, mentioned above...
    btw-so far the value of the houses in my zip code did not move a penny since peak of 2006
  7. gov


    Hmmmpf... Business has a right to defend itself against people who try to pile on the asshole wagon. They wanted the house, they signed the papers--now pay for the fucking thing or get out.

    Many, many folks committed mortgage fraud, and seem to forget that fact as they accuse the banks of--you guessed it--mortgage fraud.

    Ridiculous losers abound in this country, sniffing asses for a free lunch, surfer being one.
  8. NICE.

    Now lets go ahead and robb all banks. Here in Miami we get a robbery every half an hour.

  9. Bob111


    once they took all those houses,then what?
    my bet..and i said it 2-3 years ago here,on ET-they will sell those houses to chineese.there is no need to nuclear war..china will literally buy the by house,county by county,state by state.

    here is the proof. thanks to a also greedy US politicos..

    looks like nobody gives a shit about tomorrow..or 10 -20-50 years from today..they want everything..NOW
  10. How is the weather in Candyland?
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