All You Very Successful Traders On Et

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  1. While all you very successful tradesr on ET ponder on how to make money and prosper.... I will be at SXSW in Austin, spending my good hard earn money on Beer and kick ass Penthouse sweet downtown Austin.

    Have fun, I'll think about you poor saps while surrounded by Music, Sunshine, Pussy and Ale.'r missing one hellofA party!
  2. You sound horribly deprived. When did you escape from Devils Island?:confused:
  3. You talk like a ghetto rat who won the lottery.
  4. Nobody who makes decent money and is remotely successful talks like this. I am beginning to realize that your whole successful private equity schtick is all made up. What you get out of it I don't know, but it is very pathetic.
  5. He may be a genuine ....Gangster. Careful, not too many gold chains, might lead to backache.
  6. TraDaToR


    And there will be "the gaga" or not? :D
  7. Of course it is. A truly successful PE guy should be busy clocking 8 figs. And this momo has time to post about beer and pussy on an active trading website. Yeah ok dude....
  8. Lucrum


    You and stock777 have a lot in common.
  9. You mean 'suite'?

  10. Gcapman


    He's too rich and powerful to worry about trivial things such as proper English usage....:eek:
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