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  1. Good article. Here's another. S&L scam resulted in thousands of indictments and roughly 3800 people going to jail. The current scam pulled by those cut from the same cloth has resulted in ZERO going to jail. The S&L scam was a mere fart in the wind compared the the 08 economic meltdown, and yet all involved walk free. Adding insult to injury those that ran the scam are doing better than ever, all at the expense of the victims, aka the taxpayer. How long will we pay for Reagan's deregulation horror show?
  2. Until there is nothing left. Your only real solution is understand the game so you can get some and get the hell out of the way!
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    lol reagan.

    try glass-stegall

    here they are in all their asshole glory. and yes, they are all republicans.
  4. Yes, them too. But the Dems have plenty of crap in their game also, and that's exactly why we won't see anyone going to jail over this. It runs too deep, way too deep, especially on the political side of things. They all knew what was happening. They all participated in one way or another, and they all got real fat and happy. You start tugging on the string and the whole ball unwinds. Can't have that, so it's hey, what's done is done, time to move along. Nothing to see here.
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    Tsing Tao

    i never said democrats were guiltless. frank and dodd are the biggest idiots i have ever seen in their attempt at "regulation".

    but those three above who brought the repeal GS to the floor are, in my opinion, most responsible for banks being allowed reckless behavior. blaming reagan is asinine.
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    That was a good article, but my question then becomes: "if the public makes enough noise about it, can we bring these criminals to justice?"

    If the masses can get behind something, then surely this is it. It's not just that these CEOS, etc got away with it. The worst part is that we did nothing to dissuade this kind of behavior from continuing. It's a no-lose proposition for them. They get caught, and at most they will pay some fraction of their ill-gotten gains and do no jail time. It's infuriating. Let's make some noise on this
  7. Its almost like watching a spectator sport the way lawyers and their handlers are able to put the moves on any attempt to hold them down. The worst that happens, aside from Maddoff, is that they're sent out to pasture with their hundreds of millions. Theres even less hope when some people start tossing out alternatives of what enforcement should have been going after.
    Why don't we just scream that octo mom never spent a day in jail.

    If they've learned to subvert the very institutions whose only reason for existence is to try to bring about some kind of justice then even so undeniably a to be reckoned with force as the Tea Party can be made to actually provide cover for the scofflaws with screams of Liberty, Freedom and Socialism.
  8. Reagan bears great responsibility for setting things in motion. Historians will write that his policies brought down the two most powerful nations in the world. His foreign policy was a primary factor in bringing down the evil commie's in the Soviet Union, and his domestic policy opened the doors and paved the path to bring down the United States of America, thereby enabling the Chinese communists to win all the marbles. How's that for some tragic irony?
  9. Unions wanting more money, better working conditions, better benefits... bad. Wall Street gambling away trillions, destroying global economies, held to no account for their crimes, financed at taxpayer expense to do it all over problem. So this is capitalism in the 21st century? Yes, I think we've officially lost our minds.
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