All you jokers talking about shorting the big boys...

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  1. Those of you who are constantly posting about shorting apple, google, or any other popular stock that has gone up significantly in the last 5 years or so, let's face it. You are NOT interested in making money. You are interested in telling a good story one day that people will praise you for. You want to short Google or apple and you hope the stock will tank so that one day you can tell your grandkids or other people who know nothing about the stock market and how you shorted google/apple when it was at its height and rode it all the way down to bankruptcy.

    Thats the real reason you guys do it. You are hoping for that story to tell down the road. But go ahead short it and the story you will be telling (or rather hiding) is that you shorted apple at $550 (or GOOG at $600) and you went bust when it hit $1000 the next year.
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    the jokers will put u on ignore if they can find the button.
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    I'm thinking about shorting amzn, does that count?
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    A story about shorting google? What kind of fucking NERD are you:D I had to go into a bag of words not opened since the teenage years to find a word suitable for you, what the fuck.
  5. "jokers" For a second there, I thought you were enunciating me. :)

    If you lack the spine to take up a position, whether it may be of long or short, why are you frustrated with others taking it?
  6. You should more care about those suckers that never learned anything from the dot com bust 12 years ago and about those that are trying to repeat it once more.

    Show us a stock that ever went parabolic and never plunged after that. AAPL won't be any different. I'm not short the stock but I believe all those that do it are correct in principle but they are just doing it prematurely. No company can maintain an edge in technology for long. A small mistake can cause a 99% drop in stock price.
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    apple is not parabolic at this time.
  8. Apple's move is so parabolic, and parabolic moves don't last forever.

    Just like silver marching towards 50 and everyone said it was going to 75-80.

    Then what happend break of that parabolic move and went to mid 30's

    NFLX $300 break of move went to 60's

    GMCR $115 last year then went to a low of $35

    Apple is a great company with great fundamentals and makes money hand over fist.

    This parabolic move will break, when it does thats the time to step into BUY BUY BUY!

    I really like the 420-430 range great support.

    A break of the parabolic uptrend and break below ~516 will send it lower.

    Until the trend breaks who knows where apple will go to.