All you Eternal Optimists - Why are we really o.k. ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tigerjaw, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. OK - I'm probably asking this on the wrong website and would get more of a response on one of those buy-and-hold forever, 'invest for the long term' blah, blah, blah sites. Everything that I've studied suggest the U.S. economy is up the creek, now and for the long term. Poor policies practiced for decades have gotten us here, and now its time to pay the piper. This would have a very serious impact on every aspect of how life is lived in America. - - I do find that level of consensus to be a tiny bit reassuring since 'everybody' is usually dead wrong. But, for the life of me I can't imagine what would turn things around and the policies I hear suggested by some politicians would only make the situation worse. (Thoughts of a central planned & controlled economy and what that did in such places as the old USSR - which I visited before the fall- come to mind.) So to the optimists - and politicians - out there - - - why are we not in for a fall ? Regards, - - -
  2. P.S. - - and if youre not a true optimist regarding this subject - - maybe you can just play devil's advocate with rose colored glasses anyway. - -