All yesterdays indicies gains gone

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  1. wow I am stunned to say least

    the number was bad the reaction was worse

    still bullish
  2. doesn't matter just keep buying. no one cares about anything but the stock market going up. just keep buying.
  3. Crude up 12 bucks in 2 days is not helping the bulls either.
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    Looks like yesterday's bulls are taking a tube steak up the rump roast.
  5. There could a be a nuclear war and everyone would still be buying for the recovery.
  6. hmm i dunno about that. Tech stocks seem to ignore oil all together and certain industrial sectors benefit from rising oil such as refiners and alt. energy. Others such as metals ignore it. The only sectors that seem hurt by rising oil is consumer discretionary and transports.
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  8. Even the most bearish of posters here didn't see this coming or else they would have bought puts...oh wait no one here holds anything overnight.

    Shorts talk a tough game, but never execute.
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    What difference does it make if shorts (or longs) call their trades??

    The market has done nothing all year, at bargain basement rates. That should signal trouble to any person of reasonable intellect.

    Things just don't go up up up . It doesn't work like that.

    Oil at 135 a barrel. Inflation running hot, double digits. Post-credit boom. Real estate crash. We're in recession now.

    Guy, I don't know what to tell you.
  10. I hope we don;t have one of those dow -360 point days
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