ALL US traders are missing out on CFDs because of your lovely government.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madrid9, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. madrid9


    Yes that’s right folks, CFDs, contracts for difference, long in action in Australia and Canada and UK

    Superior trading, but guess what, your government won’t even let you know what it is.

    When the hell will you yanks tell your government you need a change.

    Ironically, cause US is a boss, your change means good change for us too.

    And I am not even talking about Iraq, but as you can see you guys are being screwed on trading too.
  2. CFD's are for undercapitalized, euro-trash, spanish weenies...........such as yourself.
  3. madrid9


    my dear uneducated idiot

    last I checked 90% of US is undercapitalized

    while voting for change, do something about your education system too

    GOD YOU ARE stupid nazzdack
  4. plax


    WTF, thats why we got futures and SSF's WTF we need CFD's for?
  5. madrid9


    well its pretty simple plax, and I am glad you asked this question

    I do 300% per year,

    there is no way I can do that with leverage futures give me.

    futures slow me down, and perhaps you as well
  6. madrid9


    your dollar is falling like a rock

    you have to threaten china not to dump it and send US into ruins

    please don't insult my intelligence by stating how you don't need a change in politics and business
  7. Go fuck yourself......

  8. madrid9


    sure pabst, I can go fuck myself, but that won't change the situation will it

    instead of telling me to go fuckmyself

    why don't you vote democrat next time hmm.....
  9. Ok, first thing there are companies that will allow CFD trading to US citizens... Well they have offered them for me and I live in the US. Anyway why the heck would I want to?

    You say that Futures don't allow enough leverage...LOL
    That is a total amature thing to say. You sound like one of those FX traders that likes the 400:1 leverage and complains about getting a margin call. You are trying to sound like a good trader with your 300% return (I haven't seen proof) but the over leverage gives you away. No truly successful trader exposes their accounts like that... At least none that make it longer than a year or two.

    Good luck with you're insane leverage and stupid CFD's with their crazy spreads. Anyone that has a clue would not trade them over futures.
  10. madrid9


    I am trading with advantage over others

    or edge whatever you want to call it

    the fact that you don't do 300% per year shows that you are not as good as me

    that simple brotha

    and for your info, this is my 8th year in the market
    #10     Jan 14, 2007
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