All upside from here..

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  1. The revolution is real, the new era is real, and the markets have finally made a bottom.

    It is all upside from here on out.

    Low inflation, huge global growth, very strong tech , a second dot com boom, web 2.0 and social networking, energy, material, commodities sectors, Massive black friday and cyber monday sales. Massive upside. Tons of credit card spending, Tons of liquidity and credit. 10 year note falling which is also bullish. Fed will cut rates again. Rising oil and gold not inflationary. Falling dollar bullish.

    I have decided to take a pause from ET and will return when the dow closes above 14150 again which should be in a few weeks of so.

    On the other hand, should there be a bear market, I'll be gone for good.

    There doesn't seem to be much point in repeating the same bullish stuff over and over again. I Made my point, have 5k posts which is cool, and now I'll leave, but will return later because there WILL be a huge end of year rally and this rally will continue into 2008.

    I don't fail.

    Anyone who shorts in these conditions will lose money.
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    sell into rally esp nasdaq....

    goog up only $2 bucks with nasdaq climbing around 40 pts...

    u must be senior advisor for BUSH team

  3. My technical work indicated that 1404 SPX needed to hold today in order for the Bull case to remain intact and thus far things are looking very good for the Bulls!

  4. MASSIVE stupidity. Give it a rest StckT(u)rder.

  5. bye bye, I'd say you were going to be missed.....but I don't think you will be.
  6. myminiTrading ... CHECK
    stock_trad3r ... CHECK

  7. Best news all month.
  8. Yeah your rally today on low volume looks real promising, not! :p
  9. YEAH! I was upset with the "divine" intervention orchestrated by our lovely Fed - just when my short positions (betting that the market was FINALLY going to proceed with a "normal" correction) were supremely setup!

    Now this - and isn't this what I've been saying (and we all know):

    12:21Plosser argues against 'arbitrary' rate cuts
    12:20Only 'much weaker' data will change rate view: Plosser
    12:20Fed must be 'very vigilant' on inflation: Plosser
    12:20Plosser says inflation expectations are 'more fragile' now
    12:20Plosser sees economy rebounding in mid-2008
    12:20Markets need to figure out end to subprime crisis: Plosser
    12:20Plosser says rate cuts won't help unfreeze financial markets
    12:20Fed's Plosser keeps hawkish tone, no support of Dec rate cut

    Plosser argues against 'arbitrary' rate cuts
    By Greg Robb
    Last Update: 12:20 PM ET Nov 27, 2007
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    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser strongly suggested that he is not in favor of an additional rate cut at the next policy meeting on Dec. 11. Fed watchers were reading Plosser's remarks closely for any sign that he was softening his tone on further rate cuts given the renewed strains in credit markets over the past two weeks. But there were no such signs. In a speech at the University of Rochester, Plosser said the Fed cannot resolve the cause of the tension in financial markets, which he said was uncertainty over the value of complex securities tied to subprime and other mortgages and who holds these derivatives on their balance sheets. "It is important to recognize that the Fed cannot resolve this price discovery problem. The markets will have to figure this out," Plosser said in his prepared remarks. "Arbitrarily lowering interest rates or providing liquidity to the market does not provide the answers the market seeks," Plosser said. Indeed, rate cuts might only delay the painful process, he said.


    Interestingly, the market is stubbornly refusing to believe what the Fed is adamant in saying: "read my lips" NO NEW RATE CUTS!!

    But there is always the possibility "data" will come out in the next 2 weeks to abruptly change this, but the bottom line is the banking industry will have to sort itself out - just like the market.

    AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY! Do you think it is right that once the bottom line has been maximized through normal "ethical" business practices - that banks can then DIRECTLY increase it with a 20% return each time you take out $20 of your own money from the ATM? You think they don't know that the passive American attitude (with low math aptitude) will simply accept these horrendous banking practices without so much of a peep!

    Sad I know, but if you and me were allowed to "maximize out bottom line" as such we'd be lined up by a firing squad and be eradicated.

    So yes , they must swallow their own medicine, the global economy will survive and maybe my trading entries will be allowed to rake in their due profit:D
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    Hmmm, sounds like somebody got scared and sold out.
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