All traders and non traders should read posts of wisdom

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. cold


    I invite all people to read all my posts, each one is very valuable, I was born a bit unusual and for some reason was able to accumulate vast wisdom in short time

    don't skip over opportunity to learn from me

    may all bless themselves :)

    this is not a joke, do read my posts
  2. paden


    There was once a poster named superego, your statement is true of him, wish he was back
  3. cold


    wellllllllll maybe he is back :D

    you knew that was coming :)
  4. TudorJones?
  5. cold


    you know people, I am just not happy with amount of respect I get on ET

    you folks should organize so that every mornin some of you send me PMs thanking me for being here etc

    cause frankly, I could leave you know, I could just pick up and go

    and then where would you be, without a leader, lost................?????
  6. 9999


    Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it.
  7. I'd smack you but shit splatters:p
  8. Lucrum


    "All traders and non traders should read posts of wisdom"

    I'd rather read my charts
  9. cold


    I know I know, I am oozing most of the time :( :p
  10. Really, i'd do almost everything to have Superego back continuing his lessons. Maybe even paying him.

    I really learned alot from his posts and although he was sarcastic you could find nuggets of wisdom in his posts.

    But i believe that he is lost&gone forever from this community and no one really knows anything about him.

    Even if he would come back he would have a hard time proving that he is...well, hmmm... HIM. :)
    #10     Apr 18, 2008