All these bullies will grow up to be liberals

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  1. Pretty sad. This young teenage girl (looks about 13 or 14) uploaded this video about a month ago on how she was being bullied and sharing her story. 2 days ago, she hung herself. Sick fucks are still talking shit on youtube about her even after she is dead. If you ask me, they should be prosecuted and sent to jail. I guarantee, all those that bullied her will grow up to be liberal democrats. It make me sad that my kids have to grow up with such fucked up people in this world.

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  2. By the way, what guarantee will you give us about those bullies? Apparently you know them well enough to be able to predict what will be their adult political affiliations. Have you been holding Saturday meetings with these kids?

    You are a low life scum. Trying to capitalize on the tragic suicide of a teenage girl to advance a partisan political position is sleaze unbounded. You are calling the people talking about the suicide as sick fucks and then you talk about it! I guess you are a sick fuck, as well as a really, really stupid fuck.
  3. I can't help but wish a week could be rolled back. Look at the final slides..... she had no no one.

    It's easy to underestimate how hard it is to be singled out by everyone, just everyone around you. No one came to her defense. No one stood up for her or even showed empathy.

    One very Perfect Man once said..... "true religion is to take up the cause of the widowed, the orphaned, the lame, the blind, the downtrodden... to take up their cause"

    Evidently there was no one in Vancouver who believed in that.


    If only the clock could be rolled back a week. The suicidal mind set is an addictive mix of the anticipation of final release, closure, and to finally be taken seriously. The only thing that can bring one back from the event horizon of this parabola of death is perfect love. I don't mean human love, but PERFECT love.

    Don't believe it exists? Your fruits will bear witness of what you believe.

  4. Hi, Pot! I'm Kettle!