All the talk about either way after the FED, we go down. Isn't that setting up a

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  1. This is just an observation but all the talk about the FED not mattering. And now not even what they say matters anymore, that we are going down either way. Is this a classic contra rally forming. Where you have all of this negativity building up. Everybody is now expecting the market to drop hard either way. No matter what the fed saids or do. In my experience, when everybody is expecting something, doesn't that mean the opposite will happen.
  2. And sometimes it can be the cause.

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    Hopefully not.
  4. It is just really wierd that everywhere you go now, everybody is epxecting the markets to drop hard now. You have cramer going, it doesn't matter what the fed saids its going to fall. You have Hulbert saying it's going to fall. You have every hack saying it's going to fall. It has to make you wonder, with how the market is reacting this is what everybody is expecting, and is now positioning themselves for the market to fall after the FED talk. But then like always the usual thing happens, and the market rallies.

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    Let's hope everyone heeds the commentary and sells.

    All my open positions are short. :eek:

    Asian markets are up but little volume.
  6. I will start a position tommorow before the fed. I want to get a better reading of the market so far.
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    I am of the opposite opinion, I think that the markets go up big into the weekend regardless of what the fed does tomorrow.
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    they could take it up all week then shot it down next week or they can take it down hard, wait for everybody say 'see, I told you so' then grind market up again, there is no telling how diabolical they are, be prepare for anything and if in daze, stay out.
  9. If the fed has pause comments tomorrow and no 1/4 % hike.....yikes!

    hang on! :D
  10. hehe it kind of makes you wonder what the plunge protection team is thinking about right. Apparently bernake comfirmed that indeed the group does exist and they do meet infrequently a few times a year. So it makes you wonder, if the groups and the fed goes we want this and this to happen today. so make it happen. But that's too conspiracy theory for me. But it has to make you wonder, if you have 90% of the street thinking one way, and suddenly the market rockets the other way. And it's all in the futures action that does it.
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