All the liquidity has been chased away by front running machines.

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  1. What you see today ,trading with no liquidity, the 1k melt down, its all interconnected.

    I watch the markets day after day and heres what I see.

    Subpennies, front running by the privileged, flash orders, known order flow for the privileged who take billions of dollars out of the markets everyday with little to no risk like its their personal piggy bank, sapping it and draining it day after day.

    So what has this done?

    When institutions, retail traders, small investors, large investors are forced to go market, when they get filled and out of the money instantly, many times because these machines can see future spreads ,we have what we have. Complete and utter lack of real liquidity.

    This is why stocks go up 5%+ in a few minutes and then come down 5%+ the next few minues (and this has become the norm) by a number of algos competing against a real buyer or seller.

    There is no order to this market. Its a room full of sharks that devour any and all who enter. Eat away all liquidity.

    This is why we have 1000 point crashes.

    And this is why we will continue to have a hemorrhaging and disorderly market until the SEC decides to do something about it.

    Slow down trading so that these crooks cant cancel their bids or offers instantly because they see you coming 200 miliseconds away.
    It would not even have to be slowed down that much. In the miliseconds. 500 miliseconds before you can cancel your bid or offer.

    Give all players a level playing field.

    When will the SEC do something about this piracy?
  2. Why bother with the BS American stock market?

    Leave it alone. Let the HFT'ers screw each other.

    If the fundementals were good, there would not be a 'liquidity' problem.

    Fact is, the fundamentals for the US market suck & the smart/big money will not step up until they see clear bargains.

    In the meantime take a few years off.

    Trade something else.

    Too many unproductive fools staring at computer monitors trying to screw each other out of dimes while other countries keep on truckin' and leave lazy old US population on the couch watching dancing with the stars or checking on their $5k online trading account.
  3. Here comes the invisible hand bidding up futures.

    Just out of curiosity, what market do you think the HFT'ers aren't in or affecting?
  4. Kazakhstani goat's cheese futures?
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  6. Isnt he in line to be next head of the SEC? great success!!!!
  7. I think so. He has stated that

    "such position in US and A to work in big governmental office will make for many sexy time and happy man."
  8. A picture is worth a million words.
    Well stated.
  9. Why should the market be dumbed down to cater to those unwilling or incapable of successfully evolving in this environment?
    I'm not a flash trader nor a HFTrader but I have no problem trading futures currently and other traders in my office have no problem trading stocks. We have adapted and excelled in our abilities to see chart opportunities where we can extract profits.
  10. welcome to the World Cup, where for the rest of the world football(yes that;s what it is actually called) is a religion. More money is going to be made in the football betting mkts than the stock mkt during this period
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