all the gaps will be filled

Discussion in 'Options' started by freewilly, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. I hear people saying this all the time. Why? Is there any reason behind it or it is just that people notice it happens all the time?

    There is a big gap on March 10, DOW was around 6500. Will that gap be filled?
  2. There are gaps in the major indices from the autumn of 1982 that have never been filled.
  3. asap



    sometimes takes a bit longer :p :D
  4. Sometimes, you have to be extremely patient before they're filled. :cool:
  5. Not all the gaps filled, you need to have a good money management and back test it,
    Many traders only looking at the gap to be filled the same day...

    On ES , the gap less then 6 points have more tendency to fill ...

    There are a lot of articles about them on-line. I recommend you reading them ...